MediQuest Therapeutics

Controlling Inflammation and Infection Topically


We are a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of products for the topical treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases. To date, our drug discovery and development efforts have generated a one New Drug Application ("NDA"), which received a Complete Response letter from the FDA, and two other programs that have been licensed out. There are other product candidates possible with the underlying proprietary TAM technology of the Company and an additional program available for treating "age-spots".

Except for the "age-spot- technology," each of the Company's drug candidates is based on our proprietary Topical AmphiMatrix ("TAM™") drug delivery technology. TAM is a versatile drug formulation that enables a range of therapeutic agents to be delivered locally through normal or thickened skin and nail. Our TAM technology has unique characteristics that enable it to more effectively deliver a variety of proven active agents to and through affected skin or nail while minimizing local irritation and systemic side effects as compared to other topical delivery technologies. It is applicable to a broad variety of therapeutic categories including peripheral vascular disorders, opportunistic infections, cutaneous and subcutaneous inflammatory diseases.