MediQuest Therapeutics

Controlling Inflammation and Infection Topically

Our Technology and Products

All of our clinical stage product candidates are based on our proprietary TAM technology.  TAM is distinct from other drug delivery technologies as it is capable of rapidly delivering either hydrophilic or hydrophobic active agents through thickened skin and nails to the site of the inflammation or infection.  Our issued and pending patents provide broad intellectual property protection for our product candidates as well as our TAM drug delivery system.  Our TAM drug delivery technology enables us to develop first-in-class and best-in-class therapies with attractive product features, such as rapid local delivery, improved efficacy and reduced side effects for their respective indications.  Our product candidates include:


Vascana for Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon. Our most advanced product candidate is Vascana, a topical formulation which uses TAM to deliver 0.9% nitroglycerin, a proven vasodilator, for the prevention and treatment of symptoms associated with Raynaud’s.  Raynaud’s episodes or attacks are typically triggered by exposure to cold and an episode can last up to two hours.  Since there are no currently approved drug treatments for Raynaud’s, physicians utilize existing medications off label, such as calcium channel blockers, to try to control the symptoms of Raynaud’s often without acceptable outcomes in the view of the patients.  Vascana is provided to the patient in an elegant single-use applicator to be used as each episode occurs.  According to recent market research commissioned by us, there are greater than 2 million diagnosed patients in the United States seeking medical treatment for Raynaud’s. Patients with Raynaud’s seek treatment mainly from rheumatologists, primary care physicians (“PCPs”) and obstetricians/gynecologists (“OB/GYNs”).  Epidemiology studies estimate there are at least an additional nine million patients with Raynaud’s in the U.S.

MediQuest submitted an NDA for Vascana and received a Complete Response letter from the FDA within six months (since this NDA receives Priority review).  After a meeting with the FDA to learn the agency's concerns, we developed and pilot tested a protocol based on the infromation we received at that meeting.  The Company then requested a Special Protocol Assessment from the FDA which was received by the Company.  Thus, there remains only one clinical study to be performed prior to receiving market authorization in the United States.  

MQX-054 – Skin Lightener. MQX-054, the lead compound in the skin lightener program, is a potent inhibitor of tyrosinase, the key enzyme associated with pigment darkening or 'age-spots".  Not only are the members of this family of proprietary compounds potent in the reduction of age spots, but are also much safer than current commercial compounds like hydroquinone.  Because of the unique properties and number of these compounds, they have the potential to be developed as cosmetic agents and/or as pharmaceutical agents by the licensor of this technology.

In addition, the TAM technology represents the foundation for a broad and valuable pipeline of product opportunities through the utilization of this technology with alternative active agents outside the current licensed areas.