MediQuest Therapeutics

Controlling Inflammation and Infection Topically

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Company Highlights/Strategic Advantages

  • Lead Product Candidate Targets Large Markets with No Competition: Our lead product candidate, Vascana, for the prevention and treatment of Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon, targets large, underserved markets and utilizes the unique benefits of our TAM™delivery technology enabling us to successfully address unmet patient needs.
  • FDA provided Special Protocol Assessment for Lead Product: Following the Complete Response from the FDA to our NDA for Vascana, we submitted a protocol for the one remaining required clinical study for the prevention and treatment of Raynaud’s. The FDA has reviewed that protocol and provided a Special Protocol Assessment to the Company/
  • Unique, Proprietary Platform Technology Producing a Deep, Product Pipeline: Our unique proprietary TAM drug delivery technology is broadly applicable and capable of rapid local delivery of either hydrophilic or hydrophobic therapeutic agents through thickened skin and nails to the site of inflammation or infection.
  • Strong Intellectual Property Position: Our 17 issued patents, and 14 patent applications in the U.S., and our 18 issued patents and 128 patent applications outside of the U.S., provide broad intellectual property protection for our product candidates, including our TAM drug delivery system.
  • Skin Lightener Technology: In addition to the Vascana drug candidate and the TAM technology, the Company also has proprietary technology for two families of compounds that have been shown to be very effective in skin lightening, while at the same time having superior safety profile to current commercial products.
  • Technology has been validated. The TAM technology has been validated by the fact that it has been licensed for two applications outside the Vascana project's scope.